100 Quiz Questions About Yourself for your Friends

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Are you looking for some fun questions for a quiz about yourself? We are here to help!

Here you will find an incredible selection of quiz questions about yourself for your friends. These can be used if you are planning a fun trivia night.

Select the trivia questions to ask about yourself and see how much your friends really know you!

If you want to make it even more fun, you can give them some small whiteboards and you can all reveal your answers at the same time.

Please note that some of these random quiz questions about yourself can be quite hard so feel free to add some multiple choice answers to help your friends out.

They don’t necessarily need to guess everything from scratch.

So, are you ready to get started with all these funny quiz questions about yourself? Let’s go!

Easy Questions for a Quiz about Yourself

best friends enjoying coffee
  1. What is my star sign?
  2. When is my birthday?
  3. What’s my favourite dish?
  4. Where is my favourite holiday destination?
  5. What’s my favourite TV show?
  6. How many siblings do I have?
  7. What’s my favourite movie?
  8. What is my favourite song?
  9. What’s my address?
  10. What is my job?
  11. Where am I from?
  12. What’s my favourite colour?
  13. What is the name of my partner (if any)?
  14. How old was I when I got married (if applicable)?
  15. How many children do I have?
  16. Where is my work?
  17. What is my favourite board game?
  18. Which car do I drive?
  19. How many pets do I have?
  20. What’s my favourite actor?
  21. What is my best friend’s name?
  22. What’s my favourite dessert?
  23. How many tattoos do I have?
  24. What’s my nickname?
  25. What kind of shoes do I like to wear?
  26. What’s my favourite singer?
  27. What did I study at uni (if applicable)?
  28. What type of sports do I do?
  29. What is my favourite food?
  30. What car do I drive?

‘Do You Prefer’ Questions for a Quiz about Yourself

You can find below two options to choose from. For each possibility, choose what you prefer and see if your friends can guess what it was.

group of friends talking in a cafe
  1. Do I prefer – ice cream or cake?
  2. Do I prefer – rock music or reggae?
  3. Do I prefer – salsa or hip hop?
  4. Do I prefer – salmon or steak?
  5. Do I prefer – Spring or Autumn?
  6. Do I prefer – wine or whisky?
  7. Do I prefer – French or Italian?
  8. Do I prefer – horse or donkey?
  9. Do I prefer – backpacking or an all-inclusive resort?
  10. Do I prefer – savoury or sweet?
  11. Do I prefer – plane or boat?
  12. Do I prefer – ziplining or running?
  13. Do I prefer – swimming or yoga?
  14. Do I prefer – guitar or piano?
  15. Do I prefer – bungee jumping or scuba diving?
  16. Do I prefer – Christmas or easter?
  17. Do I prefer – summer or winter?
  18. Do I prefer – breakfast or lunch?
  19. Do I prefer – Gin or Rum?
  20. Do I prefer – pub or nightclub?
  21. Do I prefer – cinema or museum?
  22. Do I prefer – sport or art?
  23. Do I prefer – football or rugby?
  24. Do I prefer – bowling or theatre?
  25. Do I prefer – Rachel or Monica (in Friends)?

‘Yes or No’ Trivia Questions about Yourself

You can find below some yes or no questions about yourself. These questions are about both your tastes and abilities so make sure to answer according.

For example, skydiving. You can answer yes I’ve done it but no I didn’t like it.

Just make sure to precise it to your friends so they know whether they are meant to mention whether you’ve done it or liked it.

listening to friend talking
  1. Pineapple on pizza – yes or no? 
  2. Holidays on the beach – yes or no?
  3. Hiking – yes or no?
  4. Harry Potter – yes or no?
  5. Walking tours – yes or no?
  6. Going to the cinema alone – yes or no?
  7. Black pudding – yes or no?
  8. Baking – yes or no?
  9. Pilates – yes or no?
  10. Cats – yes or no?
  11. Singing – yes or no?
  12. Dancing – yes or no?
  13. Skiing – yes or no?
  14. Skydiving – yes or no?
  15. Bungee Jumping – yes or no?

True or False Questions about Yourself

Hip friends talking
  1. True or False – I don’t have any tattoos.
  2. True or False – I never got a fine.
  3. True or False – I’ve never been on a hen / stag do
  4. True or False – I’ve never been abroad
  5. True or False – I drink my rum neat
  6. True or False – I don’t like beer
  7. True or False – I love escargots
  8. True or False – I’ve never been to New York City
  9. True or False – I believe in aliens
  10. True or False – I sleep on my back

Hard Questions for a Quiz about Yourself

Hanging out with some friends after a long class
  1. What is my biggest accomplishment?
  2. What is the first foreign country I visited?
  3. How old was I when I left my parents’ house?
  4. Who was my first love?
  5. What is my middle name?
  6. Which Hogwarts house do I belong to?
  7. What is my mum’s name?
  8. What was my first job?
  9. Where was I born?
  10. What is my favourite number?
  11. What are my parents’ names?
  12. What is my favourite word?
  13. What was my favourite subject at school?
  14. What do I always carry with me?
  15. Which destination do I dream of visiting?
  16. What’s my biggest fear? 
  17. Have I ever had surgery?
  18. What perfume do I wear?
  19. How many children do I want?
  20. Where would I go on honeymoon (or where did I go)?

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